NRI Services

NRI Services

VIA Solutions, India is an all-around platform for the humanitarian approach to the NRI services

Our organization VIA Solutions, India is an all-around platform for the humanitarian approach to the NRI services in administrative documentation, immigration, financial and other real estate accounting aspects in the modern world. We provide a team of proficient and diligent experts in the field of finance, property, education as well as its administrative documentation services through our website We have many exclusive features that make us stand out in the competitive market. The platform offers you with professionals in the necessary field who gained experience through fieldwork and over the years with sound knowledge in the field. The process of agents vetting is also rigorous and is detailed so that we can sieve out the best of the lot. We provide a cost-effective service to your diverse documentation requirements regarding the property and real estate.
We have fixed prices that are constant for all customers. Hence there is no scope of fraud or partiality in our services or the costs.We focus on building robust and healthy relations with our customers and that we do through two-way communication. The customer service that our forum offers is another beneficial aspect of availing our platform and can guide you in all the multifaceted issues that you may have regarding the services.

We provide easy access and brilliant services for the customer help. The customer service associates have a firm knowledge and guide you in the best possible way. We assure a best in industry customer experience but in case you are not satisfied with our services, we promise a hassle-free resolution and return your money back. With Global presence, we can understand the struggle of NRI customers who have ties in India but must rely on mercy of friends and relatives to look after their immovable assets, administrative documentation needs. NRIs aspiring for higher education in foreign universities often require educational documentation from Indian universities. Other essential services like Tax filing, applying for permanent residency in United States/Canada/Australia or simply advice on investment in India requires list of documents and point of contacts in India which is a hassle at present.
We, at VIA Solutions, strive to serve customers with our expert service providers, detailed workflow for each service and milestone based tracking with advanced technological platform, full ownership of the service and one stop shop for order tracking and issue resolution which makes VIA Solutions a favourite amongst its competitors.

We provide services in below categories

Administrative Documentation

Administrative documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate are required for residency applications in United States/Canada/Australia. Many other documents like International Driver’s Permit, No Objection Certificate are required for different official processes.

Financial Services

NRIs often need help in financial services like Tax filing, PAN card applications, Advice on investments in India. Other services include Audit Services, Repatriation of funds etc.

Educational Documentation

NRI while applying for Master program or PG program in foreign universities often requires Indian Degree, Mark scripts and/or reference letters. These documents can add many grade points and expedite the admission procedure

Immigration Services

Includes services like Attestation or Apostle (Ministry of External Affairs) which requires coordination through many government offices.

Property Management

Almost every NRI has property in India but must go through lot of hassles for maintaining, renting it.