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    A legal notice is generally issued by an advocate appointed by the victim, on behalf of his/her client for the purpose of soliciting a settlement.

    There are numerous reasons for which one can send a legal notice to a person or a legal entity. However, the most common reasons are as follows:

    • Property related disputes for example mortgage, delay in possession delivery by the builder, eviction of the tenant on unreasonable grounds, partition of family property, etc.
    • Notice to the employer for terminating employees wrongfully, unpaid salary, violation of rights of the employees by the employer etc.
    • Notice to any employee for violation of the HR policies, committing sexual harassment at workplace, leaving the job without dropping the resignation letter, violation of any provision of the employment agreement etc.
    • Notice to a company manufacturing or providing service of contaminated/low standard products, negligent services, fraudulent advertisement etc.
    • Notice in the case of cheque bounce to the issuer of the cheque.
    • Notice regarding personal conflicts for instance divorce, maintenance, child custody, division of maternal property etc.

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