Immigration Services

Abroad Visa

skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled Migration Visa

The immigration process requires a lot of time and effort. Hence VIA Solutions offers customized services to streamline the immigration process and provide seamless service for all our clients.

Here are some of the services offered to our clients:
Deal with different Visas

Whether you aspire to study abroad or immigrate with permanent resident status, our team can guide you with the best immigration program. It will improve your chances of approval.

Expert guidance

The immigration process involves a lot of crucial decisions that can significantly impact your career & life. It can become difficult to make the right choices, especially if you are not well-versed with the process. Our team of experts can provide the required information, assistance in making decisions, and ensure you get visa acceptance.


With worldwide integration, Education sector has always been the one domain which captured a big amount of population across the world..


You will normally need to be in one of the following situations to have working visa in your destination Country.


The world is evolving into a revolutionizing village and the economies are enormously progressing with the growth in international trade.


Be it any occasion, traveling abroad has always been interesting. If you are planning to travel across the world, all you require is a Visitor Visa..


The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant..

Permanent Residency

While residence is granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are currently only a handful of countries which offer citizenship-by-investment..

Help with documentation

There are plenty of documents required to complete the immigration process. Every candidate must submit the education documents, language proficiency reports, proof of funds, medical reports, and many others. VIA Solutions helps to procure the documents and complete the file and reviews it to ensure that documents are up to the qualified standards.

Dedicated case officer

We have a very diverse team, each equipped with one aspect of the process. They take care of a particular task assigned to them. Besides that, we assign a dedicated case officer to take care of your file and act as a single & direct point of contact for you. You can contact them for any query, doubt, or update about the process any time.